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The Division of Water Resources manages and protects water resources through various regulatory programs by providing technical assistance, laboratory services, and educational services and performing applied research.  Our staff serves over 15,000 individual water resources customers each year and protects water resources for Delaware's visitors and residents. The Division consists of seven sections: Division Management (302) 739-9949 Environmental Laboratory (302) 739-9942 Ground Water Discharges: Large Systems (Residential Community/Development Systems) (302) 739-9948 Small Systems (Separate Residential Systems) (302) 739-9947 Small Systems Sussex County (302) 856-4561 Surface Water Discharges (302) 739-9945 Water Supply (302) 739-9945 Well Permitting (3020 739-9944 Wetlands and Sub Aqueous Lands Section (302) 739-9943