Adoptions From the Heart

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 Adoptions from the Heart has experienced, caring and skilled counselors who provide individual and family counseling to help pregnant women sort out their feelings and make informed choices. Adoptions From The Heart has been helping women facing unplanned pregnancies for over 35 years, offering support, counseling, and the ability to choose the family that they want to raise their child. With Adoptions From The Heart, you can: Select adoptive parents from our approved families list, which includes photos, stories and videos. You can meet the adoptive family, and stay in touch with your child as he/she is growing up, through pictures/letter updates and yearly visits. View some of our waiting adoptive families at! Join a support group with other women who are considering adoption and/or have already placed their children with adoptive families. Choose either a totally open/semi-open adoption or a traditional (closed) adoption, depending on your comfort level. Please know that this is a private organization, not affiliated with the State/Foster-care system. There is no pressure in calling Adoptions from the Heart, as they will support whatever decision you end up choosing for your child.