American Cancer Society, Reach To Recover/Tender Loving Care

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Reach to Recovery offers one-on-one visitation for women with breast cancer who will have, or have had, a lumpectomy, mastectomy or recurrence.  The visit is made by a breast cancer survivor who has been carefully chosen and trained.  Each patient is given a Reach “kit” containing a soft pillow for mastectomy patients, exercise support, literature and local resource information.  The volunteer shares her experiences and offers support to the patient at a time of need.Tender Loving Care offers wigs, mastectomy forms and products, and a large selection of hats and head-coverings.  A magalog (magazine/catalog) that combines helpful articles and information with products for women coping with cancer treatment.  It is published twice a year and can be obtained by calling 800-850-9445 or online at  The American Cancer Society often has new wigs available free of charge for cancer survivor who request them.