American Lung Association, Breathe Well, Live Well

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Breathe Well, Live Well is an innovative adult asthma program designed to reduce asthma-related illnesses and disabilities by building knowledge and self-management skills.  The program uses an interactive support group approach to successfully maximize individual learning.They also offer Asthma Awareness Programs for Children and Adults:    Asthma Camp — Typically 4 camps are held annually (2 in Wilmington, 1 in Dover, and 1 in Lewes) for children with asthma.  The camp is for children ages 7-11 years.  The goal of camp is to provide safe, healthy and enjoyable camping experience and to help children with asthma learn more about their condition, how to adjust to it, and how to control it so they will gain confidence and knowledge in coping with their respiratory problem.    Family Asthma Day/Asthma Awareness Day — a half-day program to help adults and children improve control over their asthma.  Adults meet with physicians and other health care professionals.  Children cover age-appropriate breathing relaxation techniques, asthma triggers, early warning signs, tips on remaining physically active and having a positive attitude.    Asthma Olympics — A supervised sporting competition.