Brandywine Counseling and Community Services, Northeast Substance Abuse & Family Education

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Brandywine Counseling’s NSAFE (Northeast Substance Abuse & Family Education) program provides case management for individuals with HIV or AIDS. NSAFE staff explain the many options available to clients who need specific services from federal, state, and/or private agencies, including, but not limited to, services provided by Brandywine Counseling. Crisis intervention focuses on the impact of drug/alcohol addiction to those exposed to HIV or afflicted with AIDS, particularly on the interaction of drugs with AIDS treatments or other prescription medications. Evaluations by a registered nurse help determine whether further medical care is warranted or whether the client needs to be detoxified from drugs or alcohol. The AIDS Waiver program offers assistance and advocacy to clients with AIDS in obtaining Medicare long-term medical care, social security benefits, and other services. In addition to these programs, NSAFE offers special assistance to HIV positive individuals with daily living issues such as food, housing, transportation, and medical appointments. Support groups are also available for consumers and their family members.