Delaware Mentor Program For Women in Transition

by | Feb 15, 2024 | 0 comments

The Delaware Mentor Program, Inc. (DMP) For Women in Transition is a non-profit community volunteer program for incarcerated women in the state.  The operations are held in Delores Baylor Correctional Institution.  DMP conducts forty-eight workshops three times a year which are facilitated by dedicated and concerned community professionals and lay persons.  Many workshops deal with topics that affect women.  The workshops are designed to help women take a look at their core issues, develop an understanding of how they made poor choices, and set new goals for their lives, and begin to acquire the values, knowledge and skills required to become productive members of the community. The program also provides mentoring opportunities with a committed support staff.  Women must be classified through their counselors to enroll in the Delaware Mentor Program, Inc.