Division of Prevention & Behavioral Health Services, Parent-Child Interaction Therapy- New Castle County

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Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) is an evidenced-based treatment for children ages 2-5 years with challenging and disruptive behaviors. Working with a PCIT trained therapist over 12-16 sessions, parents and caregivers gain skills to build positive relaionships and change negative parent-child behavior problems. Locations: A Center for Mental Wellness*- 302-674-1397 Autism Delaware*- 302-224-6020 Center for Child Development*- 302-292-1334 Delaware Guidance Services**- 302-652-3948 Growth & Change Counseling*- 302-598-0531 Harmonious Minds*- 302-633-6001 Jewish Family Services- 302-478-9411 Latin American Community Center**- 302-295-2160 Maria del C. Martinez, LPCMH**- 302998-2977 Pike Creek Psychological Center- Middletown*- 302-449-2223 Pike Creek Psychological Center- Newark*- 302-738-6859 The Kids Couch, Inc.* -302-633-0301 University of Delaware Mental Health Clinic*- 302-831-2717 * Not a DPBHS provider ** Bilingual therapist on staff