Division of Prevention & Behavioral Health Services, Trauma-focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy- New Castle County

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Trauma-focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) is an evidenced-based treatment proven effective for children ages 3-17 who have experienced traumatic events such as: Sexual and/or Physical Abuse Neglect Witness to Violence Incident of Loss Tragic Incidents Working with a trained TF-CBT therapist over 12-16 office-based one-hour sessions, children and parents learn how to recognize trauma related problems, skills to manage troubling behaviors and ways to cope with difficult memories. Locations: Catholic Charities- Wilmington- 302-856-9575 Children and Families First*- 302-652-3948 Christiana Counseling- 302-995-1680 Delaware Guidance- Wilmington- 302-652-3948 Delaware Guidance- Newark- 302-455-5338 Jewish Family Services- Wilmington- 302-478-9411 Jewish Family Services- Newark- 302-478-9411 Latin American Community Center- 302-295-2160 Mid-Atlantic Behavioral Health- 302-897-7448 Moor Proactive Soultions*- 302-897-7448 Pressley Ridge- Newark- 302-366-0490 Smith-Coleman Counseling*- 302-377-2603 Supporting KIDDS*- 302-593-4675 Tranquility Counseling, Inc.- 302-636-0700 Delaware Family Center*- 302-995-9600 * Not a DPBHS provider