Division of Public Health, Environmental Toxicology and Emergency Response

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The Environmental Health Toxicology Office (EHT) helps Delaware prepare for and respond to urgent public health hazards by providing strategic direction, coordination, and support for all of DPH’s terrorism preparedness and emergency response activities. EHT’s mission is to safeguard health and save lives by providing a flexible and robust system fir public health hazards. The branch oversees the Office of Community Environmental Health Services and Office of health Environments.The offices and Programs that EHT oversees includes Programs that monitor and enforce health and safety standards, as well as the prevention and control of environmental risk to human health. These Programs include: Body Art Establishments Cosmetology and Barbering Child Care Inspections Office of Food Protection Healthy Homes Healthy Workplaces Indoor Air Quality and Environmental Exposures Leas Poisoning Prevention Mattress, Pillows, and Bedding Migratory Camps and Field Sanitation Occupational Health Outdoor Music Festivals Plumbing Program Pools/Spas/ Hot Tubs Radon Recreational Camps Tanning Facilities Delaware Worker Right to Know.