Division of Services for Aging & Adults with Physical Disabilities, CARE Delaware – Grandparent & Older Relative Caregiver Respite

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The Division of Services for Aging and Adults with Physical Disabilities’ (DSAAPD) respite services for grandparents and other relatives who are raising related children are a component of the CARE Delaware program. The Grand Time Off program is available to grandparents and relative caregivers 50 years and older who are raising relative children 17 years or younger. The program is operated under contract by Children & Families First (C&FF).  Caregivers can use Grand Time Off to help them find and pay for short-term, occasional child care needs. Caregivers can use the respite care when they have appointments or other commitments and need care for their eligible child; they need a short break from their routine caregiver duties; or they need care on a short-term basis (approximately 4 to 8 hours). Grand Time off counselors at C&FF assist eligible relative caregivers in finding the type of care they need, before they need it. Caregivers can select short term respite in family child care homes, child care centers or with a friend or family member. For more information about Grand Time Off, call Children & Families First at (302) 479-1588 or (800) 546-7449. In addition, Camp Respite summer camp, is available to children being raised by eligible relative caregivers. For more information, contact your nearest YMCA.