Kent County Government

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Administers all government operations for Kent County including parks & recreation,  sewer, planning & zoning, property assessments and building permits.Office Phone number Accounting 302-744-2386Archives 302-744-2366Board of Assesment 302-744-2401Builiding Permits 302-744-2451Clerk of Peace 302-744-2346Community Development 302-744-2480Comptroller’s Office 302-744-2415Deeds Office 302-744-2314Engeering 302-744-2430Facilities Management 302-744-2357GIS 302-744-2416Inspection & Enforcement 302-744-2445Personnel 302-744-2310Planning 302-744-2471Receiver of Taxes 302-744-2341Register of Wills 302-744-2330Sewer Accounting 302-744-2391Parks & Recreation 302-744-2495Administration 302-744-2305 Information Tech 302-744-2458