Pyle State Service Center, Public Health Clinic

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Provides multi-disciplinary care including pregnancy testing, family planning, TB screening, HIV/STD testing, well child programs (including immunizations) and medical exams.  Call specific clinics for appointments (see specific listings for more information).  NOTE:  some clinic appointments and services are accessed through the Georgetown Public Health offices (those listed with an *).  Patients for those office are also seen at Georgetown: Child Health/Immunizations, 856-5213* Children’s Dental Clinic, 856-5240* WIC/Nutrition, 732-5480 HIV Case Management, 856-5241* Health Educator, 856-5106* Social Work Consultant, 856-5064* STD Clinic, 856-5225* Family Planning, 732-9512 Tuberculosis Clinic, 856-5119* Public Health Nursing, 856-5246* Environmental Health, 856-5496* HIV Program Coordinator, 732-9036 Vital Statistics, 856-5495*