The Daughters of Zion Incorporated

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Provide housing to emancipated minors with children on a short-term or long-term basis.  The goal is to assist the emancipated minor in achieving independence.  Looking to achieve 60 to 80 % success in transitioning them from foster care to full independence.  The belief is that given a chance these young ladies can achieve independence and lead successful and healthy lives.  Participants will be expected to do the following:1.  Develop an independence plan.2.  Meet with case worked once a week.3.  Adhere to home rules, (curfew, daily/weekly/monthly chores, attendence to required workshops).Each person will be provided with the following living arrangements:1.  Bedroom with accommodations for their dependent children.2.  Shared bathrooms.3.  Shared kitchen4.  Shared living area.5.  24 Hour Security.In order to participate in the program each person must meet the following criteria:1.  Age — 18 to 21.2.  Must have a dependent child living with them.3.  Must be employed, in college or seeking employment.4.  Agree to terms of the transitional home.5.  Enrolled in an accredited job skills program.6.  Progressing in a GED completion program.They will focus on the following life skills:  Money Management, Food Management, Personal Appearance, Health and Hygiene, Housekeeping, Housing Search, Transportation, Educational Planning, job seeking, Emergency situations, Drug use, Sexuality, Interpereson, Community involvement and Legal issues.